Siggi’s Phone Detox Contest

At the beginning of January of 2024, I woke up one day realizing that 29 years had passed in virtually a blink of an eye. I spent a majority of my 20s engrossed in non-stop consumption of media, always hoping to keep up with the hottest trends and in hopes that my existence would be validated by strangers on the internet. Constantly comparing my body, my nose, my face, my hips, my stomach, my arms to the tiny edited women plastered all over my Instagram. Always comparing myself to my friends and family and spending thousands of dollars on pointless things in order to ‘keep up with the Joneses’, hoping to finally be called cool.

I looked around at the surface level friendships and the scattered family relations and realized that I just wanted to be accepted as I was. I wanted to be loved in all my weirdness and actually seen by others. I didn’t notice it sooner because I was so distracted by my phone, which acted as my numbing tool for too long. I’ve missed the whole point of living. I’ve missed the quick interactions in the elevator with strangers. I’ve scrolled through the tiny connections that are possible every day. I haven’t seen others in the way I want to be seen.

My goal is to exist within my body without all the filters and angles, to remember that the point of all of this is to be present with the people you love. Being able to do this contest would be an incredible opportunity for me to step into my 30s with a whole new attitude for life and the simple things. I want to have more time for myself and my family and friends. I want to connect with my community and explore life like I’ve never done before. I want to buy a greenhouse for my husband and I and grow a garden year round and learn to make sourdough. I want to be present while I’m still here. I want to actually read all the books in my ever growing pile of ‘I’ll get to it later’ and engross myself if what it means to be a human. I want to see the sunset and sunrise instead of taking a photo of it on my phone and bask in the beauty that simply living can be. I want to live. And the yogurt would be awesome too.

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