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Oxford dictionary defines existentialism as ‘a philosophical theory or approach which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of will.’ Which very briefly can be summarized as meaning that we are responsible for creating purpose and meaning in our lives, that we have infinite choices to make in this life and every one affects the next set of choices. I do not consider myself a philosopher by any means nor do I have much knowledge on this particular topic but this definition is exactly where this blog was born an idea.

I frequently enjoy shouting ‘I’m having an existential crisis!’ Whenever my days seem extra repetitive, or I simply get caught up in the tiny inconveniences of being a human,  absorbed in my own trifling bullshit, and spiraling from ‘what ifs’. As if humoring my way through these moments is going to somehow make the ‘why do I exist?’ Stop vibrating in the back of my mind. Some have religion or spirituality which acts like a mute button to the noise or a bandaid covering a gaping wound. Eventually you convince yourself that it’s not there anymore, hiding it behind God or the Universe. I’ve never been quite able to fully immerse myself into that type of certainty, nor am I able to identify with various groups of people shouting over each other that they ‘have the answer!’

No one has the answer.

Not one.

But as humans, we hate sitting with the feeling that none of this matters as much as we want it to, that if we just believe hard enough in something that it will miraculously be factual.

This is where my blog lives, in the gray. In the quietest moments of my mind and in the loudest moments of my mind. The place where I don’t have the answers, nor do I have a grand solution to solve the worlds’ problems. I’m just a human trying to connect with other humans in the gray area, where we’re all afraid to be.

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  1. Your bessfrend

    Holy shit. This is hands down the best fucking website I’ve ever been to. At work. Existing is for posers. You need to post more. I want to drown in your blog posts. And a lake. “Life is shit, but we all move on.” – My Dad Wrote a Porno.

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